Direct Mail

No-cost lead-generation mailers

Simplicity’s direct-mail program is centered on the timely concepts impacting pre-retirees and retirees, producing qualified leads to maximize your results.

We guarantee that you will receive a minimum of seven responses. If we don’t generate the minimum, we do another mail drop at our expense.

Based on your continued production, you can earn additional mail drops! The more you produce, the more you receive free!

The direct-mail program can be tailored to fit various demographics and its delivery methods can be modified to fit your style. Ask us for a copy of the Direct Mail Agent Guide to learn more about using this program to build your book of business.


  • Just wrote a $500,000 case on the second appointment using the Social Security questionnaire data. going back to write a possible $300,000 case!

  • The Taxes in Retirement mailer has delivered more leads from higher-income households than I've ever seen. Taxation and RMDs are of major concern these days!

Consumer's Guide to Taxes in Retirement
The Guide to Social Security

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