Choose from our library of turnkey dinner seminars, created by our industry experts and featuring a variety of financial topics. You’ll be sure to get people in the seats and fill the room.

ABC Snackshops

Our ABC Snackshop Program is a concise 20-minute presentation of the ABC Planning Model—perfect for client events!

Retire Happy

Created in partnership with Tom Hegna, an economist, author and retirement expert, this seminar is based on Tom’s best-selling book, Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!

Wall Street’s on Fire

This seminar is an eye-opening look at the risk and volatility of today’s Stock Market.

Wall Street Worries

The Wall Street Worries seminar captures the struggles facing those headed for retirement when trying to make their income and assets last for the next three decades.

Winning in Retirement

Attendees will learn about the four biggest challenges to a successful retirement and how to beat them.

Women and Retirement

This dinner seminar was created in partnership with Holly Buchanan, an acclaimed author, speaker and consultant specializing in marketing and selling to women.

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