ABC Planning Process

Learn our effective “non-sales” technique to engage prospects used by many of our top producers. It’s a simple four-step process: Discovery, Design, Deploy, and Re-deploy.

This is a soup-to-nuts, turnkey process that:

  • Generates predictable results
  • Makes use of technology and media
  • Gets prospects “emotionally invested”
  • Creates trust and referrals

Within the process is our cornerstone ABC “red, yellow, green,” three-bucket money allocation model that is so simple and effective, it has clients telling you how much they’d like to allocate to fixed indexed annuities. Why? Because it’s an easy way for clients to understand the purpose of their money and the importance of guaranteed income and principal. This sales track is truly so simple, you can illustrate it on the back of a napkin.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, engaging and repeatable sales track to build your business, ask your Business Coach to tell you about our ABC Planning Process. Our agents who use the ABC Planning Process average five times the industry average of FIA premium!

We’ll show you how the ABC PLANNING PROCESS can make a difference today.