Retirement Analyzer Software

Want to effectively answer your client’s question of “Will I have enough money to last throughout my retirement?”

Outliving income is a top concern for today’s Americans, leaving questions on your clients’ minds such as:

  • When can I retire without running out of money?
  • How can enhancing my Social Security help?
  • Can I maintain my standard of living in retirement?
  • How would it affect my plan if I need long-term care?
  • Can my income plan sustain a market downturn?

Learn how to answer these questions and more, plus present your clients with a customized report that showcases how you can help close their retirement income gap with the Retirement Income Analyzer.

Simplicity partnered with Thomas Gold Solutions to develop a special version of their Retirement Analyzer Software that has customized strategies and supports our ABC “red, yellow, green” money-allocation model.

Our customized Retirement Analyzer Software will help you:

  • Identify your clients’ “retirement red line” highlighting when they’ll run out of money
  • Engage your clients in the fact-finding discussion
  • Position annuities to help solve your client’s retirement income gap
  • Graphically illustrate your clients’ red, yellow and green money, and showcase where green money fits in a well-balanced portfolio
  • Help your clients understand the importance of protecting their plan against a long-term care event
  • Illustrate sequence of returns, Roth carve-outs, pre-mature death impacts on retirement income, and more

Our Retirement Analyzer Software is also a key part of our DOL friendly platform, as it incorporates all the fiduciary documentation and best interest tools you need to thrive in the post-DOL world.

We’ll show you how our Retirement Analyzer Software can make a difference today.