The World’s First Risk Alignment Platform

Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number® and was recently named to the Forbes Fintech 50 list. Thousands of advisors and agents use Riskalyze to show prospects they’re invested right.

The Riskalyze software:

  • Can be used to propose risk-aligned portfolios
  • Can be used as a powerful marketing and sales tool
  • Can help you to be more productive by managing client expectations throughout market cycles
  • Can demonstrate how annuities can be included in a client’s case

Get the tool used by top producers that can assist with showing clients how they can be investing differently with Fixed Index Annuity and Assets Under Management cases.

This one-of-a-kind tool:

  • Plainly shows clients and prospects how they are invested in relation to their true risk preferences
  • Quantitatively pinpoints investors’ risk utilizing a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics
  • Engineers the risk in a portfolio to fit your client’s unique risk preferences with a 95% mathematical confidence

We’ll show you how Riskalyze can help you produce more business at your next meeting.